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Project Money: Jones Update


MADISON (WKOW) -- Jennifer Jones came in to Project Money with virtually no plan for managing her money. She lived paycheck to paycheck, and wouldn't even make it that far during the holidays.

"I think the best thing is that I've really learned the strategies and skills I need to budget," said Jones.

With the help of her financial coach from Summit Credit Union, Jones says one of her best moves was setting up direct deposit and automatic bill pay for her regular expenses.

But now that the contest is over, will she stay on track with her plan?

"I'm absolutely committed to doing it. I think there will be some leeway in some regards."

But she is thinking about what she'll do if she wins the $10,000 Project Money prize.

"I'm going to pay off the rest of my debt. When you think about it, when I get that paid off, that's $700-$800 a month I'm not paying toward anything."

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