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ACLU raises concern over recall petition database


MADISON (WKOW) -- The American Civil Liberties Union is raising concerns about a searchable database of people who signed recall petitions.

The ACLU is worried about the risks it may pose to domestic violence victims since it would make their addresses available to anyone.

They say the petitions should be public, but a searchable list goes too far.

"The GAB is under no obligation to make it easier for stalkers to find their victims by having a searchable database online," said Chris Ahmuty from the ACLU.

But the Government Accountability Boars says the database is necessary.

"When you're petitioning there's a strong public interest in allowing the public to see who's on those petitions because it gives them confidence that the petitions meet the thresholds," said Kevin Kennedy of the GAB.

Kennedy also says those who signed the petitions knowingly put their names out there as part of public record.

He says the GAB still hasn't decided if the database of signers will be searchable.

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