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Pet python bites woman's face


MADISON (WKOW) - It's not something you hear about every day. A python biting someone and not letting go, but authorities say it happened here in Madison Thursday night.

Officials says the woman is ok.  She was treated and released from Saint Mary's Hospital, but around 7:15 Thursday night police and fire officials were called to a house on the 1600 block of Randy Lane on the North Side of town.  Apparently, a pet ball python bit Madeleine Diemer on the cheek and finger and wouldn't let go.  Crews say her hand was up by her face.

Officials say the fire fighters didn't know what to do or how to remove the snake from her face but that the owner of the snake, the victim's boyfriend, eventually came home and was able to get it off her.

Patrick Comfert of Animal Services for Madison and Dane county says the situation is unusual but he he is not surprised by what happened.

"They have backward biting teeth that curve like this and they are designed to hang on and not let go," said Comfert.

He says ball pythons are not poisonous but they bite their prey and hang on until they are finished constricting them.  Fire officials say the snake was wrapped around the victim's wrist when they arrived to the scene.

Pythons are perfectly legal to own as pets in Madison as long as they are under 10 feet long.

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