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Former NBA star Sprewell no longer Wisconsin's top tax delinquent


MADISON (WKOW) -- Former NBA basketball star and Milwaukee native Latrell Sprewell is no longer listed as Wisconsin's worst tax delinquent.

In July 2011, the state's tax delinquent website listed Sprewell's income tax debt of $3,533,426 and ranked it as the highest amount of any delinquency.

But the website's updated listing of the state's worst 100 tax delinquents this month omits Sprewell.

State officials are barred by law from discussing any individual taxpayer's payments or account status.

Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler said a name could be removed from the web posting if proof is provided the listed debt is inaccurate. But Chandler said it's more common for a name to be removed after a tax debt has been paid in full, or a payment plan has been approved.

27 News has been unable to reach Sprewell for comment.

Sprewell graduated from Milwaukee's Washington High School and is a four-time NBA All-Star.

The deletion of Sprewell's tax debt from the state's published website information leaves another former NBA player, Anthony Mason, with the second highest tax delinquent total at $2,148,746.

27 News could not reach Mason, of New York, for comment.

State officials said the more than 20,000 taxpayers listed on the delinquency web page owe a total of more than $790 million. Chandler estimated the recoverable amount as closer to $350 million. Chandler told 27 News bankruptcy filings and the location of a taxpayer in another state are factors in whether collection efforts continue.

Officials said the amount collected from the delinquent taxpayer website declined by more than 40 percent last year. But Chandler said the website is just one component of the department's collections effort. Chandler told 27 News total collections of delinquent taxes for the past fiscal year were $203 million and above the previous year, and part of a trend of increasing collection totals over several years.

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