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UPDATE: UW releases report on Chadima investigation


MADISON (WKOW) -- The University of Wisconsin-Madison has released a report by an independent panel into the alleged misconduct by former UW Athletics administrator John Chadima.

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University officials emphasize that the report contains allegations, not findings of fact.

A student worker, referred to as John Doe, accused Chadima of removing the student's belt and putting his hands inside the student's pants on the student's genitals, according to the report.

It happened at a Rose Bowl party Chadima hosted late Friday, December 30 and into Saturday, December 31 in his suite at the J.W. Marriott hotel in Los Angeles.

The report says Chadima used Athletic Department donor funds to buy alcohol for the staff and students employees who worked "behind the scenes." Some of the students were under 21 years old.

Sometime between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m., all but one student left the party.

The student said he was leaving when Chadima told him, "Stay here and have a drink with me."

The student and Chadima were intoxicated but not incoherent, according to the report.

The student said he slapped Chadima's hand away when he tried to touch him inappropriately.

Chadima said, "I thought you liked it" and "What are you going to do about it?" and "I could have you fired," John Doe told university officials.

The student then left the room.

In a statement released before the review was available, Chadima said, "It is certainly not reflective of the type of person I am, my lifestyle, my management style or my faith or beliefs… I will take full responsibility for my lack of judgment and actions that evening. I was wrong in these decisions, and, once again, deeply apologize to all those affected."

Chadima was placed on administrative leave when the allegations surfaced. He resigned the same day.

In resigning, 46-year-old Chadima surrendered a $129,000 position, in which he was responsible for athletic department facilities, and also for several interscholastic sports.

Interim Chancellor David Ward said the university will look at the recommendations of the report and decide what action to take in the future.

Ward also released a statement on the completion of the report:

"Tonight, through a waiver granted by Mr. Chadima's attorney, I am able to release the official report of the review team.

"After learning of an allegation of misconduct involving Mr. Chadima, the university placed him on administrative leave and he subsequently submitted his resignation. In addition, we initiated the independent review of the matter, the results of which are being made public today.

"The review team was charged with investigating the allegation, issues of abuse of authority, and the reporting process. They conducted their work during the past two weeks and made their report to me on Monday, January 23. Pursuant to Wisconsin Public Records Law, Mr. Chadima was provided notice of our intent to release the report. Through his attorney, Mr. Chadima agreed to waive the waiting period that would have delayed the release of this document.

"Throughout this process, it was my intent to provide the highest level of transparency possible without compromising the integrity of the process. We care deeply for the welfare of the individual, who is an adult, and who brought this issue to our attention. We also appreciate the efforts of those who responded in accordance with our reporting processes and procedures.

"I thank the committee for their work over the past two weeks. We will consider the recommendations of the report and determine what future measures we need to take."


MADISON (WKOW) -- A source who's been briefed on an independent panel's review of alleged misconduct by former UW Athletics administrator John Chadima told 27 News Chadima indecently touched a male subordinate at a Rose Bowl-week party in southern California.

The source spoke on the condition of anonymity because the source was not authorized to release information.

27 News previously reported Chadima was intoxicated at the party. The source told 27 News others at the event had also been drinking, including the victim of Chadima's actions.

In a statement from Chadima issued Tuesday night by Chadima's attorney, Charles Giesen, Chadima referenced alcohol dependency. "I make no excuses and have come to the realization that over the past few months, alcohol had controlled and consumed my life."

Chadima resigned his position as associate athletic director shortly after university officials returned from the Rose Bowl trip. In a previous statement, Chadima expressed regret over his unspecified actions and said he resigned after more than two decades with UW-Madison to spare the university disrepute. Chadima has returned no phone calls from 27 News.

UW Chancellor David Ward announced Monday that a panel led by former Dane County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Fiedler had completed a review of the alleged misconduct. Ward said state law required Chadima to be given notice of the university's plan to release information from the report, and the opportunity to go to court to try to block its release. Chadima's attorney Charles Giesen told 27 News Chadima's options were still being considered.

As first reported earlier Tuesday on wkow.com, the source told 27 News Chadima's actions with the victim involved "grabbing his crotch." A second source with knowledge of the review said the victim was reluctant at some point to continue to pursue reporting what happened, although a report to university officials was originally made. Madison.com reported the victim of Chadima's actions was a student and the party involved underage drinking.

There is no indication any report was lodged with authorities in Los Angeles County, where Chadima's alleged actions took place.

The first source told 27 News Chadima's actions were evaluated as an "abuse of authority" and the review panel looked at whether any past abuses had also occurred, but found none. In 1998, Chadima was reprimanded by UW officials after Badger quarterback Mike Samuel drunkenly drove Chadima's truck with Chadima as a passenger.

In resigning, 46-year-old Chadima surrendered a $129,000 position, in which he was responsible for athletic department facilities, and also for several interscholastic sports.

A person familiar with Chadima's UW career and the party-related events, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told 27 News Chadima's career-ending decision over his actions was a stiff penalty. "It's terribly disproportionate."


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