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Gov. Walker responds to John Doe investigation


Even as more members of his inner circle are charged with crimes, Governor Scott Walker insists he is not the target of a John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County.

The Governor spoke to the media about Thursday's charges against two more former staffers who worked for him in the Milwaukee County Executive's Office.

Those former employees, Darlene Wink and Kelly Rindfleisch, are both accused of conducting illegal campaign activities on county time.

That brings the total number of people charged in connection with the investigation to six.

"I just want to be perfectly clear.  Throughout all my time as the Milwaukee County Executive, I had an expressed and clear policy that county employees in my office and in my cabinet elsewhere, were prohibited from using county resources or county time to be involved in political activities," said Gov. Walker (R-Wisconsin).

Walker said the only such activity he ever became aware of was Wink's in May of 2010.

"On the day it was announced that she had been posting political comments at the end of stories on JSOnline, when that was brought to our attention, we asked for her resignation.  She in turn resigned," said Gov. Walker.

Walker also faces questions about three current employees who received many of those illegal emails from Wink and Rindfleisch.

The Governor couldn't say whether his State Medicaid Director Brett Davis; his Press Secretary Cullen Werwie; or his Campaign Adviser Keith Gilkes may have known that illegal activity was taking place at the time.

"We'll continue to review the details of that, but I haven't even looked through the original complaint," said Gov. Walker.  "We'll look at the details of that."
But whether additional people are charged or not, Gov. Walker insists he won't be.

"I think its all very clear that when all this is done, no matter how much time it takes, and again, my campaign has been involved with cooperating with them for more than a year; but again, I have every confidence when this is completed that our integrity will remain in tact," said Gov. Walker.

The Governor said multiple times that his campaign has cooperated with investigators in Milwaukee County for more than a year and as long as that investigation continues, he is very limited in how much he can say.


WAUWATOSA (WKOW) -- Gov. Scott Walker says he doesn't feel like investigators are targeting him as part of a secret investigation that has already resulted in charges against some former staffers while he was Milwaukee County executive.

Two women on that staff, Kelly Rindfleisch and Darlene Wink, were charged Thursday with engaging in political fundraising while working in Milwaukee County. Two other former Walker aides were charged January 5 with embezzling more than $60,000 from veterans and their families. Another man is charged with child enticement charges, evidence of which was allegedly discovered while investigating one of the others.

Walker spoke at a Milwaukee-area business Friday. The Governor says he's always made it clear to his staff that they were prohibited from political activities while on the job.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's report from Thursday stated that both Gov. Walker's current press secretary Cullen Werwie, and his current campaign manager Keith Gilkes received campaign related e-mails sent from Rindfleisch's Milwaukee County Office.  When asked whether their knowledge of the illegal activity should affect their current status, Gov. Walker said he can't give an analysis on something like that until the investigation is over.

Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann was at the Milwaukee event and will have more from the Governor tonight on 27 News at 5 and 6.

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