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UPDATE: Walker recall petitions not posted online Monday night

MADISON (WKOW) -- State election officials are holding off, at least for the time being, on letting the public see the petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

The Government Accountability Board planned to post the more than one million signatures to recall the governor online Monday morning. But, officials changed their plans because of concerns about the privacy of people who signed the petitions.
In a statement released this evening, GAB spokesperson Reid Magney said, "The GAB staff is evaluating the privacy concerns of individuals who have contacted us about posting the petitions online."
And that was all they'd share about Monday's decision.
But last week, the ACLU had a problem with the idea of a searchable database, listing the names and addresses of those who signed the petitions.

Normally, stalking and domestic violence victims can be put on a confidential voting list, but there is no list for the recall petitions.
ACLU officials believe a database could be a risk to domestic violence victims, who want to remain anonymous.
Here's what both ACLU Milwaukee representative Chris Ahmuty, and the GAB's director Kevin Kennedy had to say about it last week.

"Why should women who have been victims of domestic abuse have to give up their free speech and political association rights, because the state isn't willing to take a small step to protect them?" said Ahmuty.

"When you're petitioning there's a strong public interest in allowing the public to see who's on those petitions because it gives them confidence that the petitions meet the thresholds," said Kennedy.
27 News was unable to contact Governor Walker Monday night, to find out his reaction to the decision, but he was in Green Bay Monday afternoon, saying he's confident in how the GAB has handled the petition process so far.

"I think the fact that the GAB even has a webcast so people could see, people know that there's no tampering, they've had a high integrity of the process. I think people want to know exactly what's going on," says Walker.
A GAB official was not available for comment Monday night either, so we're not sure what those inquiries were that led them to their decision not to post the signatures online, and we don't yet know whether they'll post them in next few days, if at all.
MADISON (WKOW) -- The Government Accountability Board announced late Monday night that the recall petitions for Governor Scott Walker will not be posted on-line tonight.
In a statement they say:"Governor Walker's recall petitions will not be posted online (Monday) today.  The G.A.B. staff is evaluating the privacy concerns of individuals who have contacted us about posting the petitions online.
We will not have further comment tonight.
27 News is following up on this development and will have more on our webchannel www.wkow.com.
MADISON (WKOW) -- The Government Accountability Board will be posting online copies of Governor Scott Walker's recall petitions on Monday.
In total, GAB staff scanned more than 152,300 petition pages for the Governor's recall, of which approximately 71,000 were delivered last week. The GAB has not yet estimated the number of signatures on the petitions, as the signature review process is just beginning.
The GAB is currently verifying the completeness and accuracy of scanned petition pages for Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and expects to complete that work sometime next week.
The GAB is expected to have the petitions up for viewing sometime on Monday. If you'd like to see the petitions that have been posted online, click here. All you have to do is click the link "Recall Petitions Online." 
Since the four Senate recall petitions went online last week, the website has had more than 16,000 unique visitors and more than 410,000 page views. In Wisconsin, recall petitions are public records.
Earlier this week, Judge Richard Niess granted the Board's request for a 30-day extension to the 31-day statutory deadline for completing its review of the petitions, giving the GAB a deadline of March 19.  Judge Niess also granted the four Senate incumbents a total of 20 days and Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch a total of 30 days in which to file petition challenges.  The clock for challenges starts the day after the incumbent receives copies of his or her petitions.
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