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Walker supporters claim host of recall errors


WAUKESHA (WKOW) -- Supporters of Governor Walker claimed Monday staff members and volunteers discovered a host of problems with some of the more than one million signatures calling for Walker's recall.

At a republican party of Wisconsin office in Waukesha, about one hundred fifty volunteers scrutinized submitted petitions, looking for issues such as missing addresses, possible duplicate signatures, and signatures entered after the recall circulation period.

RPW spokesperson Ethan Schuh said some petition pages appear to have one person entering all the information for more than a dozen signers.

The petition signature pages were given to the Walker campaign Friday.

Walker supporters hoped flagging potentially flawed signatures will translate into legal challenges to the recall process.

Just more than 540,000 signatures need to be certified by state officials to force a recall election.

"Having seen and heard of stories from previous elections, there could be hundreds of thousands of signatures that are flawed," volunteer Lisa Gross said.

RPW officials said volunteers were verifying the authenticity of recall signatures at a dozen sites across the state. They said they expected the time-consuming scrutiny of petitions to go on for several weeks.

State democratic party spokesperson Graeme Zielinski did not address alleged signature irregularities, but called the verification effort a "farce" intended to delay any voting and allow Walker more time to carry out fundraising.


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