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Project Money: Duane Update


MADISON (WKOW)--Penny Duane and her son Dylan surprised themselves with how much they turned their financial situation around in Project Money.

"My goal was to be mostly out of debt and have a little savings. and now I'm almost completely out of debt and have great savings. So yes, I reached all my goals and more.  It was amazing. I thought I would save about $3,000 and pay off about $3,000 and it was double everything," she said.

Penny says the biggest surprise was how fast she was able to pay off her debt.

"I think I had resigned myself to always being in debt. You don't have to be in debt. And it doesn't matter what your income is, you can still be on a budget and save money."

The big habits they had to change were to stop eating out, stop using credit cards and resist the urge to buy on impulse.

Penny's budget is now focused on saving for a house and on what she'll do if she wins that $10,000 Project Money prize, which will be announced February 21.

"Probably go on a trip somewhere in America somewhere, because we can't afford Australia yet, and keep on saving for a house," she said.

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