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Democrats expecting more candidates for governor to emerge

MADISON (WKOW) -- The number of Democrats willing to run for governor in a recall election was cut in half Wednesday because of money.

Senator Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) says he cannot compete with other well-known, well-financed candidates he could face in a primary election.

That means former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk is the only Democrat left who has officially announced her candidacy.

Although it looks like Democrats are down to one candidate, Sen. Cullen and others we spoke with continue to mention other possible candidates who may emerge to challenge the governor.

"It is too uphill in too short a time," Cullen said.

He ended his first statewide race before it really got started.

"I do not have the financial resources and the name recognition of several other candidates," he said.

Cullen would not say who he thinks could defeat Gov. Scott Walker in a recall election, just that he would support the Democratic nominee.

"He is a skilled and effective senator. I'm hoping that I might earn his support as we defeat Scott Walker," Falk said.

The former Dane County executive is the only official candidate.

She has run for governor and attorney general in the past and lost.

"She may be seen as a Madison politician for those outside of the Madison and Milwaukee area," said Maurice Sheppard, a political science instructor at Madison College.

He says Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett might be more well-known statewide.

He has not said if he will run, but Sheppard says it could be strategy.

"Wait until the last minute, announce your candidacy and use that energy to move forward," he said.

People have also mentioned former Congressman Dave Obey and Congressman Ron Kind. But some are not as concerned with who the candidate is as they are with how he or she campaigns.

"Right now, if you look at the landscape, it is a bleak picture. There are politicians who are bought into doing things in the way they have been done in last 30 or 40 years," said Mike McCabe, director of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

People met at the Alliant Energy Center to discuss a new kind of politics, not controlled by money but by the people.

"People across the spectrum really hate both parties with a passion and realize all the money coming in is from one percent of the population… fueling ads that people despise," McCabe said. "People are yearning for a new kind of politics."

The Republican Party of Wisconsin slammed Cullen after his announcement Wednesday.

It says after Cullen ran to Illinois instead of balancing the state's budget, it is no surprise he is running away from another tough challenge.

Republicans say, no matter whom the candidate is, Wisconsin families will continue to stand with Walker.

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