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Made in Wisconsin: Bavaria Sausage

MADISON (WKOW)-- What do you get when you mix Old World traditions with Wisconsin flavor? Bavaria Sausage.

It has stood the test of time, and has been pleasing taste buds for almost 50 years.

Its owners are proud to say it is made in Wisconsin.

Judy Cottrell's parent's opened the shop in Madison back in 1964 after they came over from Germany, with just $53 to their name.

It has grown to become a staple in the community.

Everything is made by hand, in kitchens right behind the store.

But it has not always been smooth sailing for the company.

Bavaria almost lost everything to a fire in 2010, and it cost them $1 million in damages.

But after five months of rebuilding, they bounced back.

Cottrell says, "We have customers that come from all over the state and surrounding states. They might only come once or twice a year, but they're happy we're back. "

Customers are also happy to have their sausage just the way they like it, with no extra fillers or additives.

"It's the Old World out of what we do. It's hickory smoked not liquid smoked so it's very high quality."

Bavaria also ages their own cheddar cheese, up to 17 years.

So when you mix two of our state's staples, you can see why Bavaria is truly, made in Wisconsin.

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