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Protesters gather at Governor's Mansion


MADISON (WKOW) -- A number of protesters gathered in front of the Governor's Mansion Sunday to mark one year since a similar demonstration in 2011.

Protesters say they want Governor Scott Walker to know their movement is still united and strong.

"I'm commemorating the anniversary and I'm continuing my protest," said Peppi Elder at Sunday's picket.

Rob Koenig helped organize the event last year.

Koenig says this time around, things have changed, "a year ago we had no idea what would transpire in the coming months."

"We still care about what's going on and there are people watching him," said protester Tammie Murray about the Governor.

But the Republican Party of Wisconsin told 27 News they're confident protests won't change a thing.

"We're actually very confident that historic or not...that the Governor will be re-elected along with the Lt. Governor and a year of all their protest would have gone for naught ," said Republican Party of Wisconsin Vice-Chair Brian Schimming at an event in Beloit Saturday.

Schimming says state Republicans will use coming weeks not to demonstrate, but to make sure the Governor overcomes a recall election.

Saturday, hundreds rallied at the State Capitol, which was the start of a number of recall protest anniversary events planned for the coming week.

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