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Inside the GAB recall center


MADISON (WKOW) -  It's not the kind of stuff you'd think would be shrouded in mystery: workers reviewing signatures and entering lines into a computer. Yet, many Wisconsin residents have been intrigued, peaking into the process via web cam.

 "We are still getting lots and lots of hits on that. Thousands of people," said Kevin Kennedy, the director of Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board.

But the public has not been told where the state has been conducting this business, until now.

"That's really a sense of our concern for security in this political climate," said Kennedy.

Since mid-January, the Government Accountability Board has been reviewing 1.9 million signatures. That's three tons of paper, filling 18 file cabinets. They are petitions to recall six Republicans, including Governor Scott Walker.

Workers have been doing it all in this State building on Thornton Avenue off Williamson Street in Madison.  The GAB says it's now revealing the location since all the petitions have been scanned and backed up in a database.

"There is a lot of volatility about the issues here, a lot of heightened rhetoric and I think it is only fair to the people who are working on this that we are taking precautions for their safety," said Kennedy.

The GAB says it decided to use the state building because it already has security and it's surrounded by a barbed wire fence.

"Anytime we do have state employees or people working on the petitions, we do have police presence here," said Kennedy. "You can't get in without an access card."

So, while workers are checking petitions for signatures, legible addresses, and dates, the public will still only get to peak-in on the process online.

The courts have given the GAB some extra time, until March 19, to finish reviewing all the signatures, but with challenges to the signatures coming in, GAB officials say they may be asking for another extension.


MADISON (WKOW) --  After keeping the location secret for about a month, the Wisconsin  Government Accountability Board is revealing where workers have been counting all those recall signatures.

The media got an invite inside the facility, where until Monday, officials had kept the location secret.

Workers are checking an estimated 1.9 million signatures on petitions seeking the recalls of Gov. Scott Walker and five others.

The work is being done on the east side of Madison about two miles from the Capitol. There is a high level of security at the building, which is behind a closed gate topped with barbed wire. Capitol police are stationed at the entrance.

Sabrina Hall will take you there tonight on 27 News 5 and 6.

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