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Made in Wisconsin: Candinas Chocolatier


VERONA (WKOW)-- There are a few things that go hand in hand with Valentine's Day. One of them is chocolate.

If you are looking for a fine confection, look no further than Candinas Chocolatier, where the flavors of Switzerland are made in Wisconsin.

Markus Candinas spent six years studying the art and science of making chocolates in Switzerland.

"You're in a school, learning where these ingredients come from, why they interact the way they do when you mix them together," said Candinas.

He brought that knowledge back home to Wisconsin, where he was born and raised.

In 1994, he opened up Candinas Chocolatier in Verona.

"Having had the benefit of seeing other parts of the world, I knew that this was the right place to go or come back to," said Candinas. "I felt it was important to be in a place where I understood how people operated."

Markus says his chocolates are made with only the freshest ingredients, and shouldn't sit on shelves for more than ten days.

That's why you won't find them in any stores, only at his two local shops.

They also ship all over the country.

So you mix a little bit of love, artistry and science, and you get Candinas Chocolates... truly, made in Wisconsin.

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