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Michigan governor backs Romney's presidential bid

DETROIT (WKOW) -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder will back Mitt Romney's bid for the Republican presidential nomination. He says the former Massachusetts governor is "the man for the job."

Snyder announced his endorsement for Romney in an op-ed column published Thursday by the Detroit News. The Michigan governor says Romney "has what it takes to build a foundation for America's success in this global economy."

Romney is battling Rick Santorum to take the title in his home state. Voters will take to the polls in Michigan on February 28. Losing the contest would be an embarrassment for Romney. His father, George, was Michigan's governor before losing his presidential bid in 1968.

Snyder, elected in 2010, is a venture capitalist like Romney. He campaigned as an outsider with business experience.

Romney and Santorum will both be campaigning in Michigan Thursday.

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