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Parenting Project: Scheduling baby's birthday

MADISON (WKOW) -- Some moms-to-be are choosing their baby's birthday, being induced early to help prepare them for their little one's arrival. But hospitals are cracking down and making moms wait for nature instead.

Chris Davis hates to be away from his little girl Izzy for even a moment. But four years ago when his wife Jennifer was about to give birth, he was half a world away - on deployment for the military. Jennifer says, "For him not to be able to be there was, I think, pretty rough on him."

So Jennifer scheduled an early induction so Chris could at least be on the phone when Izzy was born. "So he got to, in a sense be there, without actually being there."

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says early induction for non-medical reasons has become common practice. Frank Mazza, a hospital chief patient safety officer, says, "Moms wanted to have the convenience of having the babies born at a time that was good for them. And physicians perceived the risk to the baby was very low. They wanted to accommodate the mom's desire."

But now more hospitals are banning non-medical inductions before 39 weeks. Doctors says it's a matter of benefit versus risk. Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology Dr. William Grobman says, "There are increased short term risks such as having issues that require going to the neo-natal intensive care nursery, for example. But even the longer term data that have been done suggest greater long term risks."

Obstetrician Gynecologist Dr. Alinda Cox says, "We are delivering babies that have a less--decreased complication rate. and I think all ob-gyns that's their main concern."

Jennifer agrees a healthy baby is best, but is glad these policies weren't in place when her daughter was born. "I mean, just knowing that, you know, he was able to be a part of it that much, was important."

The March of Dimes now works with hospitals to put policies in place to make sure moms have their babies naturally if possible.

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