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UPDATE: Sen. Herb Kohl has "no plans to run for Governor"

MADISON (WKOW) --  By the end of 2012, Herb Kohl will be on his way out of the U.S. Senate, after 24 years in office.

But, that doesn't mean the 77 year-old sees himself as Scott Walker's replacement.

"I have said on several occasions that I have no plans to run for Governor," Sen. Kohl (D-Wisconsin) told reporters in Madison on Monday afternoon.

27 News asked Sen. Kohl if that meant he was definitively ruling out a run for Governor.

"I think its a statement that is, you know, explanatory and definitive enough," responded Sen. Kohl, referring to his initial answer.  "I've been asked and I've said I have no plans."

Sen. Kohl went on to say he won't endorse anyone in a Democratic Primary, but will support the eventual nominee.

That would include supporting them financially.

"I'm not sure what the laws are concerning how much I can give, but you know, I've always been a robust supporter of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, meaning our candidates, and I'll continue to be that," said Sen. Kohl.

But the Senior Senator from Wisconsin curiously refrained from criticizing Gov. Walker, when asked what he thought of his policies.

"I think if I went into that it would be seen as political in view of all the furor going on about the recall, which I believe will occur," said Sen. Kohl.  "And so, I don't think its in anyone's interest for me to be analytic at this time."

But, Sen. Kohl said there is one overriding reason he signed a petition to recall Gov. Walker.

"Obviously I was not at all happy about what occurred to public sector workers when they lost virtually all of their bargaining rights," said Sen. Kohl.  "I didn't think that was at all correct."

Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk and State Senator Kathleen Vinehout are still the only Democrats to announce their candidacies for Governor.


MADISON (WKOW) -- U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (D-Wisconsin) will be in Madison on Monday afternoon to meet new recruits at the Madison College Law Enforcement Academy. 

Sen. Kohl will also talk about his push for legislation in Congress to provide more bulletproof vests for law enforcement officers. 

Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann will talk with Sen. Kohl about that legislation, and about the race for his Senate seat, as well as whether or not he has any plans on running for Governor in a recall election of Scott Walker.




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