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Spreading cancer awareness through Yoga

MADISON (WKOW) -- A yogathon took place, to help spread lung cancer awareness. It is a deadly disease. Only 15% of patients survive it, after 5 years.

The first-ever event took place at the First Unitarian Meeting House, across the street from The American Family Children's Hospital.

An organizer says they hope the money raised will go towards developing more pro-active treatments.

He says yoga is a great medium to have with this topic, since much of the exercise involves breathing.

"Because of its focus on deep controlled breathing and wellness and its such a great fit with that people are trying to regain with lung cancer," said Trent Gerber, National Lung Cancer Partnership.

The first annual event was a success.

About double the amount of people showed up to the event.

As of Friday, the organization raised about $20,000 to the National Lung Cancer Partnership.

For more information about this organization, Click Here.

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