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Made in Wisconsin: Carmex


FRANKLIN (WKOW) -- It is usually during the winter months when you need to reach for your trusty lip balm.

There is one brand that people around the world rely on, but Carmex is made in Wisconsin.

The company is called Carma-Labs.

It began with Paul Woelbing's grandfather in 1937.

The first big profit was in the 1970's, at about $14,000.

This past year, the company made over $60 million.

The lip balm is made up of a number of ingredients, just a few being petrolatum, cocoa butter, phenol and menthol.

About 140 Wisconsinites are employed at Carma-Labs.

President Paul Woelbing says, "There's a work ethic in the Midwest and a sort of can do attitude. We're committed to staying in Wisconsin. But yet people from around the world come here working on one idea."

They come from around the world, because Carmex is shipped around the world to 19 different countries.
Carma-Labs also makes creams and lotions.

Woelbing says, "We're planning on doubling the company in the next five years."

That means creating more jobs here in the state.

What started as a big idea in a Wisconsin basement has grown throughout the generations, but stayed in the family.

Woelbing says he gets a few offers every month to sell carma-labs, but he turns them down, because he wants to keep it family-owned, and keep it made in Wisconsin.

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