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Recall election likely to be in early June


MADISON (WKOW) -- There is no firm date yet, but officials with the Government Accountability Board suggest the recall election will likely be held in early June, with a primary scheduled for early May.

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Kathleen Falk told 27 News the earlier, the better.

"Its the public who's ready for a recall and its already twice the lengths that the statutes provide," said Falk, the former Dane Co. Executive.

The GAB has had 60 days, instead of the usual 30 to count and verify signatures.

They are expected to ask a judge for even more time.

But as it stands right now, if they have to finish their review by March 19th, the primary election could be scheduled for as early as May 1st, with the general election on May 29th.

But that is the day after Memorial Day.

"That can be a problem in terms of, clerk's offices are closed that Monday," said GAB Spokesperson Reid Magney.  "They need the time to set up."

That means May 8th and June 5th are the more likely dates.

"That's one possibility, again, we don't know what may happen," said Magney.

These dates aren't just important for current candidates, they're also important for anyone who is still thinking about jumping into any of the races.

There are still some who expect Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to enter the Governor's race as a third Democratic option to Falk and State Senator Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma).

But Barrett's time is running out.

"If it was May 1, that Tuesday, the deadline for nominating papers would be four weeks before that," said Magney.

A spokesperson for Sen. Vinehout said her team is now targeting May 8th and June 5th and  Falk's campaign has been planning for that general ballpark for some time.

The former Dane County Executive believes any more delays only benefit Governor Scott Walker, who continues to raise unlimited funds.

"That of course, puts anybody else at a disadvantage," said Falk.

Secretary of State Doug La Follette (D-Madison) has filed papers for the Governor's race, but has yet to decide if he will actually run.

Meanwhile, Governor Walker's campaign issued the following statement about the potential dates: 

"Regardless of the timeline the GAB sets for an election, the Governor's focus remains on talking with Wisconsin taxpayers and business owners about how his budget reforms have laid the foundation for a more successful Wisconsin and helped dropped the state's unemployment rate to 7 percent, the lowest it has been since 2008. "


MADISON (WKOW) -- Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board is looking to schedule a primary date for the recall elections in early May and a general election in early June.

The GAB is expected to ask for an extension to review the signatures for the Governor's recall, but even with that they could still schedule a primary election for May 1 and a general election for May 29.

However, the GAB would rather not hold the primary on May 1 because it is less than a month after the April 3 GOP Presidential Primary. 

That means May 8 is a more likely date.

The general election would have to held at least four weeks after the primary, meaning that Tuesday, June 5 would be the likely date, although the GAB cannot confirm that at this point.

The GAB has already decided that all of the recall elections will be held on the same date.

Along with the recall of Governor Scott Walker, four GOP Senators are also facing potential recalls.

Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann is talking with the GAB spokesperson today and will have more on 27 News at 5 and 6.


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