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Verify the Recall to redact address for those with "Confidential Voting Status"

MADISON (WKOW) -- Verify the Recall says they will redact address information from their online, searchable database for those with confidential voting status.

"We feel it's important to have integrity in the election process," Tim Dake says. Dake is part of the Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty and an organizer with Verify the Recall.

Both the ACLU of Madison and Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence have voiced concerns since the GAB posted PDF versions of the recall petitions online. Both organizations maintain a search database could leave victims of domestic violence vulnerable.

"We did hear from them, they asked what our intentions were and what we were going to do to protect the identities of people who have confidential voting status and we've made it clear," Dake says.

He continued to say they will redact addresses for those who can prove confidential voting status through documentation. A status used to protect victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking.

We spoke to a local woman in January who says she's a victim of domestic abuse and signed a recall petition. She wants to remain anonymous, but says her life will be in danger if her name and address goes online and is easily accessible.

She sent us this statement after hearing the announcement:

"I am happy to hear that confidential voters can opt to have their addresses redacted. I hope the GAB calls them to let them know they're right. I am unable to be a confidential voter because like many thousands of cases of domestic violence per year in the state of Wisconsin, the charge against him was dismissed regardless of the severity. In order to become a confidential voter, there must be at least a charge. I will be making some more phone calls on Monday because if he obtains my address, my life will be in danger."

Verify the Recall says the information is already public, however, posted as PDF files on the Government Accountability Board's website.

"We have been told we have no obligation to do this but we believe its the right thing to do, its the responsible thing to do," Dake says.

Dake says they would like all requests in written form by Wednesday, but they will remove addresses if they receive documentation after the database goes live.

Requests should be sent to:

Verify the Recall

c/o We the People of the Republic

PO Box 46573

Madison, WI 53744

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