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Senator who left state declined to sign recall

MADISON (WKOW) -- One of the 14 Democratic state Senators who went to Illinois last year to thwart Governor Walker's collective bargaining law declined to sign a recall petition against Walker.

"I do not like recalls," Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Eagle River) told 27 News.

Holperin withstood a recall effort himself last year. Holperin also faced a recall vote earlier in his career and won.

"I know how disruptive they are to the work that a legislator or an elected official is supposed to be doing, and I know how it adds to divisiveness in a district or a state."

Holperin told 27 News he supports the rights of people who did sign recall petitions against Walker, but said he signed on to legislation authored by Republican Finance Committee Co-chair Sen. Robin Vos (R-Burlington) to restrict grounds for a recall.

In February 2011, Holperin and other Democratic state Senators left Wisconsin for more than two weeks to try to stop a vote on Walker's limits to public union collective bargaining. A Senate vote on the measure passed in their absence.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported the names of as many as eight of sixteen Democratic state Senators are apparently missing from recall petitions against Walker.

In addition to Holperin, 27 News contacted 11 other Democratic senators, who all said they signed on to the Walker recall. Senators Tim Carpenter, Chris Larson , Jessica King and Mark Miller have yet to respond. King took office as the result of a recall election after the departure of the senators to Illinois.


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