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Melinda's Garden Moment: Planting Small Seeds Made Easy


MADISON (WKOW) -- Nationally known gardening expert Melinda Myers gives tips on how to plant small seeds more easily.

Carrots, lettuce, begonia, and other small seeds can be difficult to plant at the proper spacing. Reduce wasting seeds and time spent thinning.

Mix seeds with sand, vermiculite, or other fine material to separate the seeds for proper spacing. Sprinkle the sand and seed mix in a shallow furrow, cover with soil, gently tamp and water.

Purchase pelletized seeds that are coated, making them larger and easy to handle.

Try seed tapes available from garden centers and catalogs. The seeds are glued to a tape that you roll out and plant.  

Or make your own by cutting newspaper or paper towels in strips. 

Once the strip is planted the glue will dissolve, the paper decomposes and the seeds will sprout at the proper spacing.

For more gardening information, visit Myers' web site

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