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Made in Wisconsin: Baraboo Candy


BARABOO (WKOW) -- When you hear the words cow pie, your first thought may not be appetizing. But this will change your mind: Baraboo Candy is the home of cow pies, of the chocolate kind.

"We use all the best ingredients we can find, all Wisconsin products if we can get them," says longtime employee Tina David.

The recipes haven't changed since Baraboo Candy was founded in 1981.

So what does it take to make 5,000 cow pies everyday?

The caramel is made from scratch in copper pots, and it has to sit on top of the pecans overnight, before it is drizzled in chocolate the next day. The cow pie is then cooled in a tunnel, packaged up and shipped around the world.

"Just a few weeks ago a 1st Sergeant called me from Afghanistan and said they had some (cow pies) there and desperately needed more," says Vice President Don Carroll.

Even though Baraboo Candy is shipped around the country, you can still find it in local stores, and the headquarters in Baraboo.

Frequent shopper Theresa Smith says, "We like to support the local businesses and the kids love coming down here."

The shop is also licensed to sell Badger Claws and Green Bay Puddles, which are variations of the cow pie.

It is a small staff of ten Wisconsinites that makes this big product possible. They ship out 50,000 pounds of candy a year.

Don says, "Everyone believes in what we're doing and they love our product."

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