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Made in Wisconsin: Miller & Sons

VERONA (WKOW) -- Miller & Sons has a long history in Verona. It began in 1902 with Great-Grandpa Richardson. Eventually his daughter and her husband took over the grocery store and it gained the name Miller.

Today it's known as Miller & Sons, a staple in Verona.

"We are as local as local gets. There is not a grocery store in the area that's been around 110 years," says manager Dana Knudtson.

Now the supermarket in the hands of the fourth generation Millers and soon enough the fifth generation. That includes Andrea Miller. "We want to give back to them as much as they've given to us."

She is talking about giving back to the community, which they say is part of the job every day.

Owner, Carl Miller, says, "To me, if you're in a business in a community you need to be a part of it.  That's just natural for us."

A lot of the products on the shelves at Miller & Sons are local.

Another thing that sets them apart is that they're one of the only supermarkets that still takes the groceries out to customers' cars.

At least half of the 150 employees are students. But there are others that have been working there for decades, like 81-year-old Esther Pulfer. She's been working in the bakery at Miller & Sons for 32 years. Some of her original recipes are still customer favorites.

There are two Miller & Sons supermarkets, one in Verona and another in Mount Horeb that is expanding.

Customers say the service is what makes them choose the family store over the chains.

"I drive by at least three grocery stores on my way home, but I pass home to come here," says long time customer Kathy Pielage.
Home for Miller & Sons has been on the same property in Verona serving customers for 110 years. That's why we are calling it Made in Wisconsin.

Local vendors will be at the supermarket, showcasing their homegrown products through March 24.

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