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UPDATE: Police official says killing spree suspect dead

TOULOUSE, France (WKOW) -- A police official says the suspect in a three-attack killing spree who claims links to al-Qaida is dead.

The French interior minister says the suspect died after jumping from his apartment window after police stormed his apartment following a 32-hour standoff.

Claude Gueant says the suspect jumped after police entered the apartment and found him holed up in the bathroom. Police and the suspect exchanged fire five minutes before Mohamed Merah died.

Gueant says two policemen were injured.


TOULOUSE, France (WKOW) -- A series of loud explosions and gunfire have been heard near the apartment where a school shooting suspect is holed up in a 32 hour standoff with French police.

Reports show there is no way to tell if the shooting is from police to intimidate the suspect or an exchange of gunfire with him.

The man has boasted of killing seven French citizens.


TOULOUSE (WKOW) -- The school shooting suspect in France has resumed talking to negotiators. He's suspected of three recent attacks where schoolchildren, a rabbi, and paratroopers were killed.

The suspect is barricaded in an apartment building in the city of Toulouse in southern France.

Police raided the building before dawn Wednesday and are trying to capture the man alive. At one point the interior minister said he had stopped talking to negotiators.

A police official at the scene says he resumed contact in the early afternoon. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the sensitive operation is still under way.


TOULOUSE, France (WKOW) -- The gunman suspected in a wave of killings in France has stopped talking to police. That's according to the country's interior minister, Claude Gueant.

Police in Toulouse raided a home early Wednesday morning, and had been negotiating with the gunman to come out. They exchanged gunfire and two officers were hurt. Gueant said the suspect originally said he was turn himself in later in the afternoon. But not long after that, he stopped talking to police.

Gueant says authorities have been monitoring the 24-year-old man for years. He's suspected in three recent shootings that killed three Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi, and three paratroopers.

A judicial official said that the suspect's mother, his brother and a companion of the brother were detained for questioning. The official was not authorized to speak publicly.

Gueant says the man is of French nationality and claims to "belong to al-Qaida." The suspect apparently wanted to "take revenge for Palestinian children" killed in the Middle East, and is angry at the French military for its operations abroad.


TOULOUSE, France (WKOW) -- A shooting suspect says he'll turn himself in this afternoon after exchanging gunfire with French police officers.

The man is suspected of killing three Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi, and three paratroopers in three attacks earlier this week in Toulouse.

Wednesday morning, French police officers raided a house in Toulouse. Two of them were injured after exchanging gunfire with a man who claimed to have connections to al-Qaida. He's the same man suspected in the earlier school shooting.

French Interior Minister Claude Gueant says the man is 24 years old, of French nationality and says that "he belongs to al-Qaida." He says the suspect "wants to take revenge for Palestinian children" killed in the Middle East, and is angry at the French military for its operations abroad.

Gueant says the man's brother was arrested.

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