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Melinda's Garden Moments: Living Centerpieces


MADISON (WKOW) -- Melinda Myers is teaching us how to create a living centerpiece using plants suited to small containers, the growing conditions and your decor.

All you need are three matching saucers of increasingly larger sizes, two small pots, outdoor plastic glue, a well-drained potting mix and small scale flowers.

After you have all of your materials, drill holes in the bottom of the saucers for drainage. Melinda recommends purchasing an extra one to protect your table from the water. 

Once the holes are drilled, glue the pots onto the saucers and allow time to dry. To leave room for your plants, only partially fill the saucers with potting mix. Make sure all the roots are covered when setting the plants in the soil.

Melinda suggests using sweet alyssum for the fragrance and a dwarf impatiens to add more color.

For more gardening information, visit Myers' web site

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