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Made in Wisconsin: Limburger cheese


MONROE (WKOW) -- There is only one place in the country you will find people hard at work making limburger cheese. The Chalet Cheese Cooperative in Green County.

Limburger is known for being stinky, but creating the cheese is a science.

Master Cheesemaker Myron Olson has been at the helm at Chalet Cheese since 1972. That master title takes 15 years to accomplish.

"There are only 56 Master Cheesemakers and a quarter of them come from this area," said Olson.

Chalet Cheese is a coop, which means it is owned by the farmers. It is the oldest cheese coop in the state, founded in 1885. There are 21 local farms involved in it, so the dairy you find in any limburger cheese across the country, comes from Wisconsin cows.

So just what goes into making limburger? It starts with pasteurizing milk and adding cultures, or bacteria.

"That bacteria is what gives our characteristic to cheese, our flavor to cheese," says Olson.

That milk is mixed with an enzyme called rennet in 15,000 pound vats and is stirred for an hour. Then it is heated. The next step: pressing out the whey.

"What we're trying to do is to let the weight of the curd press it," said Olson.

Then it is off to the curing room to be salted and washed. The cheese sits in the curing room for a week, then it's boxed and stored for months until it's ready to be shipped out.

The 24 Wisconsin cheese makers at Chalet are proud to say they are the only people in the country who make limburger.

Olson says, "Every now and again we do win an award. It qualifies what we've done."

Limburger cheese is only "Made in Wisconsin".


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