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Parenting Project: App helps doctors deliver healthy babies

PORTAGE (WKOW) -- A Portage hospital is the first in Wisconsin to use an app to monitor women who go into labor.

While many of us use smartphone apps to play games or download songs, Dr. Erik Schulte at Divine Savior uses one to brings lives into this world. "It's like you're right there monitoring everything right then and there."

Dr. Schulte's app is called AirStrip OB. When a mom does go into labor he can check on her contractions, how far she's dilated, the baby's heartbeat, and any complications right on his phone.

That's how it worked six weeks ago when Nelly Platt came into Divine Savior in Portage to give birth to son Mark. She says, "I noticed when Dr. Schulte came in he always seemed to know what was going on. So I finally asked him, 'How are you on top of this all the time?' And that's when he told me about his phone app."

Nelly said that made her feel much more comfortable, especially when things started getting a little scary. "I did have a little bit of complications at the end and knowing that app, when the heart rate dropped and I saw it on the monitor that it was dropping, they were in here instantly taking care of me and the baby."

Dr. Schulte says they can respond much quicker now because instead of having to find a computer to log in for patient information, doctors and nurses can be anywhere and know what's going on with their patients. Platt says, "The turnaround time, everything was faster. I didn't have to wait as long for answers. It was just instant."

Dr. Schulte says Airstrip OB is completely secure. It's approved by the FDA and has to follow HIPAA rules.

Divine Savior in Portage is the first hospital in Wisconsin to use the app.

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