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Looking back at WKOW's 1962 interview with Dick Clark

MADISON (WKOW) – TV icon Dick Clark has passed away at 82-years-old. Clark's agent says the veteran host died this morning after suffering a massive heart attack.

Clark began his career first on radio, then on the weekly dance party later known as "American Bandstand" in Philadelphia in 1956. The show became a big hit across the U.S. and overseas after it was picked up by ABC one year later.

In 1962, Clark took "American Bandstand" on the road, including a stop here in Madison. WKOW's Marsh Shapiro interviewed Clark about his time on the show and his early career.

Here's part of the transcript from the interview:

WKOW's Marsh Shapiro: "Dick, it's a real pleasure for me to welcome you to Madison, on behalf of WKOW Radio and TV. I'd like to first start off by asking you how you got started in the business."

Dick Clark: "Well Marsh, it was many moons ago. I was 17 years old and about a week I'll be 34, so you can figure it's about 17 years ago. I started in a radio station."

Shapiro: "Where was the station located?"

Clark: "It was in upstate New York, a town called Utica and I worked in Syracuse where I went to school. And I moved to Philadelphia."

Shapiro: "And you got started in Bandstand. How did that come about?"

Clark: "Well, it was another fellow doing the job, Marsh, for about two years and it was a very successful program long before I connected with it. But the man who did it and the station who owned it had a parting of ways and I was doing a daytime radio disc jockey show and he asked, 'Would you like to do this bandstand thing?' 'I'd be delighted.' That's how it started."

 Tonight on 27 News at 6, we'll bring you more from WKOW's 1962 interview with Clark.       

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