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Deer trustee to hold town hall in Mount Horeb


MOUNT HOREB (WKOW) -- Hunters in Dane County got the chance Friday night to let out their frustrations with Wisconsin's deer management practices.

People were invited to a town hall in Mount Horeb to share their thoughts on deer hunting in Wisconsin and how it's managed by state officials.

It was one of six meetings the Wisconsin's deer trustee has led throughout the state.

At least 100 people met in the Mount Department of Natural Resources.

It was released in late March and criticized the agency for using questionable data on deer population estimates and said DNR didn't know enough about the effect of predators on the deer population.

"We have five years. If it's not fixed this time, there will be an insurrection... see to it that it is..))

Dr. Kroll made sure to stress, he's contracted by Wisconsin not by the DNR.

Friday night was the fifth of six town halls.

Surveys Kroll has done so far show most people think there are too many predators, the DNR doesn't listen and there are inaccurate deer population estimates.

"The way they track the deer population and sex, age, kill is so outdated," Scott Maves said.

"Some say there are too many [deer], some say there are not enough. What is the true number? Who is truly doing this stuff? In my opinion, it's the people with fish and wildlife degrees and backgrounds in statistics to know and can give you the numbers," Tom Shay said.

The last town hall will be in Milwaukee Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Dr. Kroll says the first report identified problems with deer management practices, now he's getting feedback from hunters, then he'll put it all together in his final report that will include recommendations.

He has to bring that to the state Legislature before July 1st.

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