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Invention may help Wisconsin beaches

DYCKESVILLE (WKOW) -- Many Wisconsin lakes are home to an invasive species, the zebra mussel.

A lot of times you don't see them until they wash up on shore. That's a problem on many beaches in the state.

The sharp shells of the mussels cover the sand, making the beach hard to walk on.

RJ Elsing of Dyckesville says he has a solution.

"I started working on an idea because I thought, you know, it would be nice if you could walk barefoot on a beach again," says Elsing. "We want to be able to do a beach like this, to restore a beach like this  in a matter of a day or so."

Elsing invented "The Beachmaker," which crushes the shells into sand. He's spent four years developing it.

Now students from UW-Oshkosh are going to help him study the sand it creates to make sure it's not putting any bacteria into the environment.

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