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Parenting Project: Mom's passion for career puts daughter on the same road


MADISON (WKOW) -- Parents can have such a big impact on their children. That is the case with a Madison woman who changed her career path because of her mom.

Thursday is "Take Your Child to Work Day," and years ago, one Madison mom did that. It changed her daughter forever.

Diana Henning remembers back to that day.

"I remember being really excited, kind of because I got to miss a day of school. But also I got to experience something I never experienced before," says Diana.

That experience during middle school stuck with Diana. Years later, she was attending classes at UW-Whitewater, pushed towards a career in accounting. But it just didn't feel right.

She says, "I knew I wanted to help people and thought back to Take your Daughter to Work Day and wanted to go into the nursing field.

Diana's mom, Wendy, has always worked in the health care field. And guess what? So did her mom; a nursing assistant just like Diana now.

Wendy Henning says, "It was a huge factor for me. She worked for a nursing home. She worked a very hard job, but she got enjoyment by adding to the lives of the residents at the nursing home. And I saw how content she was with her job and I wanted that."

Now, Wendy and Diana both work at UW Hospital. Wendy's other daughter is also working towards a degree in health care.

 "It's important to me as a mom she loves what she does. You have to love what you do or you don't want to go into work and she truly does," Wendy says about Diana.

Diana says it's made their relationship better. "We've always had a strong bond and this has definitely made it stronger."

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