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Tom Barrett will be on Capitol City Sunday


MADISON (WKOW) -- Tom Barrett is starting to act like he will be the Democratic nominee to face Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) in the recall election.   

Barrett is the first guest on this weekend's edition of Capitol City Sunday.

A much more aggressive Barrett joins Reporter Tony Galli and Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann to talk about his status as the apparent Democratic front-runner.

He also discusses what it will take to unseat Governor Walker.

Leading the polls in the Democratic primary race, the Milwaukee Mayor found out the PAC group called Wisconsin for Falk is launching $1 million worth of ads leading up to the May 8th vote.

If this past week is any indication of Kathleen Falk's new approach, many of those ads may target Barrett.

"Do you have to have the most amount of money to win an election?  I'm obviously banking on the fact that you don't," said Barrett, who trails both Falk and Governor Walker in campaign funds.

Barrett says his focus is only on Governor Walker and he is convinced that voters in this state only have to look at one issue when they decide how to cast their ballots.

"I'm going to remind people, that he said, he wanted to be judged by how many jobs he created," said Barrett.  "He said he was going to create 250,000 jobs.  Instead of doing that, he's had the worst job production record of any Governor in this country."

Two fellow state capitol reporters, Patrick Marley from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Mary Spicuzza of the Wisconsin State Journal, also join us to talk about those jobs numbers and the other keys in the recall race.

"We saw some pretty troubling jobs numbers this week that Wisconsin has been leading the nation for the last twelve months in a way that you don't want to lead the nation, in unemployment numbers," said Spicuzza.

But, the Governor figures to have almost unlimited funds at his disposal to launch attack ads on whoever gets the Democratic nomination.

"We haven't seen how much he raised in this last period, those reports will come out on Monday.  But he, Scott Walker's a phenomenal fundraiser, the RGA's (Republican Governors Association) been up.  There will be union money, there will be outside money on the left, but I think there's gonna be a pretty big advantage for Scott Walker in this race on the money side," said Marley.

Capitol City Sunday airs at 9:00 a.m. this Sunday on WKOW 27.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett isn't holding back in his third campaign for governor.

Barrett joins Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann and WKOW reporter Tony Galli on "Capitol City Sunday" this weekend.

The apparent Democratic front-runner says if Wisconsin voters take Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) at his word, they should vote him out of office.

Barrett speaks about the Democratic primary race, attack ads coming at him from both parties, and the keys to potentially unseating Governor Walker.

Barrett says he is largely ignoring attacks by fellow Democrat Kathleen Falk and is squarely focused on the governor.

The Milwaukee mayor believes Wisconsin's poor job performance is what voters need to consider most when they determine who to vote for in June.

"He said he was going to create 250,000 jobs. Instead, he decided to launch this ideological civil war," said Barrett.  "And by focusing on that instead of focusing on jobs, the people of this state, the economy of this state, the revenues of this state have all suffered."

Greg and Tony also analyze the recall race with the help of two State Capitol reporters.

Mary Spicuzza from the Wisconsin State Journal and Patrick Marley from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel join "Capitol City Sunday."

Hear what they have to say about a number of topics including the battle for the Democratic nomination, and whether or not any Democrat can compete with Governor Walker's campaign fundraising.

"Capitol City Sunday" airs at 9:00 a.m., April 29 on WKOW.

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