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Parenting Project: Quality daycare

OREGON (WKOW) -- School will be out before you know it and if you're a working parent, your kids may need somewhere to go during the day.

Parenting Project's Dani Maxwell recently had to find daycare when her daughter was born, so she checked with Madison-area moms to see what questions they asked to find the best place for their child and it might help you too.

Four-year-old Anna got to show off what she's learned in daycare to mom Kerri Modjeski during a visit last week. Kerri is the principal at Brooklyn Elementary School, so she knew how important daycare could be in the years before Anna starts kindergarten.

Kerry said, "We transitioned from in-home daycare and we moved to the YMCA primarily after visiting several daycares in the area."

Kerri asked questions about staff and the curriculum; what they offer as far as math and literacy. "I'm pleased as can be because my 4-year-old is reading and writing," she told us.

Briana Kurlinkis is the lead teacher for the Oregon YMCA's daycare program where Anna goes. Other parents wonder the same things. The biggest question she gets is about the staff. She says parents ask, "How long have your staff been here? Do they have college degrees? Do they have high school diplomas?"

Some other things to consider when choosing a daycare: nutrition and meals, cleanliness, and physical activity offered.

And whether it's a daycare center or in-home care, you may want to check on the license or certification. Wisconsin's Department of Children and Families regulates that and checks to see if providers are in compliance. It also has a rating program now called Young Star, but that is voluntary.

DCF does make it easy to find quality daycare providers. You can put in a name or search for one, then see if they have any violations and how they're rated. Click here for the DCF website.


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