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What's all the pinning about?

MADISON (WKOW) – As we move from blogs, to Facebook, to Twitter, a new social networking site has come into the picture, quite literally.

Pinterest could be one of the fastest growing websites in history. ComScore.com shows there are more than 18 million people on the site, and the majority of those users are women.  

It's become a habit for many right here in Wisconsin, like Sun Prairie mom of two Kim Graves. She says she checks her Pinterest account once or twice a day.  

"I get all my parenting magazines and things like that, cook book recipes, and I tear out the pages and I have binders everywhere and that's a lot of paper and I love it because right now I can pin them instead," Graves says.  

Pinning to a digital scrapbook has become more convenient. Now she uses the site to find and save decorating ideas, crafts and new recipes all in one place.  

"What you do is you create these boards, and you pin pictures, or movies or content that you like to these boards and these boards don't change, you can keep them all in one spot so you can always go back to them," said social media expert Don Stanley. Stanley says he's been keeping a close on Pinterest since it's popularity exploded.  

"It's been unbelievable in terms of the growth," Stanley tells 27 News. The University of Wisconsin-Madison instructor says the site has experienced over a 400 percent growth from May to December of 2011. Forbes recently estimated the site is worth $7.7 billion dollars.

"It's completely, it really just is eye candy, you can really spend hours and just get absorbed," says Madison College interior design instructor Tiffany Esser.

It's become a place of inspiration in her classroom and a virtual work space for her students. "Instead of going through magazines, and perusing and collecting, they can really go on Pinterest or even on the internet and re-pin those things directly to a board," Esser says.

Esser isn't the only one using Pinterest for professional work. Small businesses and big chains are starting to make their mark on the site.

"In the United States, it's kind of like a marketers' dream. You have young females, ages 25 to 34 as the primary demographic, females make up 83 percent of the users on Pinterest," Stanley says.

Stoughton Mom Kari Jenny says she got "hooked" on Pinterest after hearing about it from her sister. "Everyday I pin something or find some really cool idea from Pinterest and it's actually cut into my bed time reading, I have to limit myself," Jenny says.

The Stoughton Mom uses the site for cooking recipes, home decorating and outdoor projects.

"Whatever you're interested in, it's out there, you can search for it and you will find anything and everything," Jenny says.

So whether you're taking on a new project, putting together a class assignment, or trying out a new recipe, Pinterest has become a visual haven for millions. It's a place to scan, see and implement ideas into their own lives for users like Graves, Esser and Jenny.

We've set up our own 27 News Pinterest account. You can follow us for pictures, stories, weather photos, and much more.

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