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Meet Donald Driver's family

LOS ANGELES (WKOW) -- Donald Driver is now in the final four on "Dancing with the Stars."

He has a lot of fans out there, but his biggest ones come in a small package.

27 News anchor Amber Noggle had a chance to sit down with Donald's kids and his wife out in Los Angeles to talk about his journey on the show.

His wife Betina says dancing runs in the family.

"We dance all the time," says Betina. "We've definitely had our nights out, even with the kids we dance with them around the house. We turn on the music and just cut a rug across the floor."

So what's it like for 8-year-old Christian and 6-year-old Christina to watch their dad on "Dancing with the Stars?"

"I think he's really good and he's doing great," says Christian.

Betina agrees.

The littlest Driver, 8-month-old Charity, is probably too young to know what it's all about. But Donald's family is the reason he decided to do the show

"I think when you do it for your kids and now that my kids and my wife and everyone is here, you have a great time," says Donald. "So we're having a great time in LA."

It has certainly been a transition from their Wisconsin and Texas roots.

"Life has definitely changed because we have uprooted everything and come to L. A., which is fun," says Betina. "It's a good experience for the kids. We're just on this journey and we'll see where it takes us."

Even Christian and Christina's friends have gotten involved.

"They send us letters and then we read them and they say, 'What's your dad doing on "Dancing with the Stars?"

There's a lot of support for the Driver family from back home.

"Wisconsin fans have been lovely. They've been great supporters," says Donald.

"We had no doubt Wisconsin would support him, so we're just embracing all the love," says Betina.

Click on the camera icon to watch the interview with Donald's family.

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