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Time Magazine cover creates stir

Time Magazine cover Time Magazine cover

MADISON (WKOW) -- A new edition of Time Magazine explores attachment parenting and it's founder, Dr. Bill Sears.

Without even hitting newsstands, the cover photo is already gaining national attention.

Some say that while they agree with the philosophy, the cover doesn't quite match the message.

"Obviously the photo is meant to provoke a reaction for the public and sell magazines," said Laurel Franczek, a mom of three and leader in La Leche League, an organization that promotes breast-feeding.

When asked if the photo matches the message Franczek said, "No, not at all. Most families who are breast-feeding a child of that age really don't breast-feed in public."

Time's website says its cover story aims to explore attachment parenting, a philosophy that promotes extended breast-feeding and co-sleeping, among other things.

Since the photo was posted on Twitter Thursday, backlash in the social media world has been brutal.

But Dr. Anne Eglash says breast-feeding older children is quite common. "I thought, this is bold, but this is reality," said Eglash, who's been working with breast-feeding women for 20 years as a physician and lactation consultant.

The "Are You Mom Enough" edition of Time Magazine will be out on Friday.


MADISON (WKOW) -- This week's Time Magazine cover is creating quite a stir.

It shows a 3-year-old boy standing on a chair nursing from his mother's breast. The headline reads, "Are you Mom Enough?"

The magazine will become available Friday, but Time tweeted the cover Thursday. The edition explores "attachment parenting" and author Dr. Bill Sears' philosophy.

Critics are saying the cover is scandalous and sexualizing the cause.

Danielle Lama will have reaction from the local community on this controversial cover story tonight at 10.

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