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Same-Sex Marriage debate on Capitol City Sunday


MADISON (WKOW) -- A liberal lawmaker and the head of the Madison Catholic Diocese discuss President Obama's support of gay marriage on this weekend's edition of Capitol City Sunday.

The Catholic Church has been fighting against gay marriage since the movement began.

Bishop Robert Morlino said he was disappointed with President Obama's announcement this week.

"The state, is taking upon itself now to discover and to confer rights, that really were the business of the creator," said Bishop Morlino.

"This is about civil marriage, this is about civil law," replied Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison).

That's why Rep. Taylor believes the issue does fall under the President's domain.

She also agrees with his point of view.

"Every loving, committed couple, should have the right to make a lifelong commitment to each other, just like I did with my husband, just like President Obama shares with the first lady," said Rep. Taylor.

But Bishop Morlino said same-sex marriage is a threat to the traditional family.

"Anything that would threaten the natural family, the traditional family, we see as very harmful to the common good," said Bishop Morlino.

Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann is also joined by two fellow Capitol reporters to discuss the recall race between Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) and Tom Barrett (D).

That includes Governor Scott Walker's "divide and conquer" comment made in January of 2011 to Beloit billionaire Diane Hendricks.

That comment was caught on video and leaked to the press on Thursday night.

But Wisconsin State Journal Reporter Clay Barbour doesn't see it affecting the race very much.

"I think alot of people assumed that was his endgame, so, there'll be a lot of stories about it, it is news, but I think that's what most people assume he was trying to do all along," said Barbour.

Jessica VanEgeren, Capitol Reporter for the Madison Capital Times, agrees.

"The 50 percent that already support him, this isn't going to do anything to change their mind, if anything, its probably gonna bolster their support for him," said VanEgeren.

Barbour and VanEgeren also talk about whether or not future revelations from the John Doe investigation in Milwaukee could change the outcome of the race.

"We've found that people aren't really upset or excited by it.  But if it ever, if it hits him directly, then maybe," said Barbour.

Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann hosts Capitol City Sunday, beginning at 9:00 a.m. on WKOW.

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