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Former Walker aide tied to No-Call list violator

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COLUMBUS (WKOW) -- A former aide and campaign worker for Governor Scott Walker who faces misconduct charges was affiliated with a business with ties to the largest alleged violator of the state's No-Call List.

Nevada state records show Kelly Rindfleisch as affiliated with National Lending Solutions, a business with a Columbus address, between December 2011 and March 2012.

Milwaukee County's district attorney has charged Rindfleisch with misconduct in public office for allegedly doing campaign work while on-the-job as deputy chief of staff for then-Milwaukee County executive Scott Walker. Rindfleisch was criminally charged at the same time she was listed as the business reservation holder in Nevada.

The business address for National Lending Solutions is identical to the address of American Lending Solutions, formerly First American Funding Company, owned by Michael Eisenga of Columbus. 

In a settlement of a state complaint against First American Funding for allegedly contacting more than one million consumers on the state's No-Call List with mortgage solicitations, First American was required to pay $144,000, and provide quarterly summaries of all its calls to ensure no additional pattern of No-Call violations. 

Eisenga declined an on-camera interview with 27 News on National Lending Solutions, its connection to his telemarketing operations, and Rindfleisch's former role.

But in later e-mails, Eisenga said the Nevada business filing involving Rindfleisch was part of a planned, but abandoned name change of his company to National Lending.

Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection administrator Sandy Chalmers said at least one, previous violator of Wisconsin's No-Call list attempted to escape the terms of a negotiated court settlement by changing a company name.

While Chalmers assigned no motive to Eisenga's proposed name change, she said such business moves have no effect on settlements over the No-Call list.

"Any successor company would be bound by the terms of the judgment. You can't set up another company to get out of adhering to the terms of the court judgment."

State and court records show Eisenga has made required, court settlement installment payments to-date.

Eisenga said Rindfleisch was an administrative assistant who worked for his telemarketing firm from October 2011 to January 2012, when she resigned days before being criminally charged.

Rindfleisch has yet to respond to a request for comment from 27 News.

State and court records also list Eisenga's state tax debt as $224,178, in connection to his operation of a Columbus golf course.

Records show Eisenga accumulated the tax debt during a time he contributed thousands of dollars to republican organizations and candidates, including a $10,000 contribution to Governor Walker in November 2009, and $7,500 to Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in April 2010.

Columbia County court records show tax warrants filed by the Department of Revenue against Eisenga list the address of the Republican Party of Columbia County.

Eisenga told 27 News his tax debt was due to his "miscalculation" of sales taxes.

Eisenga said he has been making payments on his tax obligation, yet his name and tax debt appear on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's website of the state's worst tax delinquencies. According to department policies, compliance with any approved tax payment plan involves immediate removal from the online listing.

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