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UPDATE: New MU poll shows Gov. Walker with six point lead

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) --Republican incumbent Scott Walker has increased his lead in the recall race for Governor with less than three weeks to go before the June 5th election.

A new Marquette University Law School poll shows the Governor with a six-point lead over Democratic challenger Tom Barrett.

Gov. Walker was leading Barrett by just one point in the same poll released two weeks ago.

Despite an overwhelming victory by Barrett in the Democratic primary, it appears he is losing ground on some very key issues.

Wednesday's MU poll shows the Governor with a 50 to 44 percent lead over Barrett among likely voters.

That is right in line with three other recent polls showing the Governor with leads of anywhere from four to nine points.

Gov. Walker appears to be making gains among independent voters, according to Dr. Charles Franklin, the Director of the MU poll.

"Early in the year, those leaners would break a little bit more to the Democrats," said Dr. Franklin.  "In this latest poll, they broke a bit more, three to four percent more to the Republicans." 

On most of the key issues that get voters to the polls, the Governor is way ahead of Barrett.

When asked who they trust with the state budget, people picked the governor by a 21-point margin.

When it comes to holding down taxes, 59 percent of those polled say Gov. Walker will do a better job.

Just 27 percent picked Barrett.

Even on the question of who would be better at creating jobs, Gov. Walker has a 48 to 41 percent lead.

"The Democrats still have to spend some time coming back on explaining why Tom Barrett would be better on jobs, why jobs are something that Walker has not handled well from their point of view and that Barrett could handle better," said Dr. Franklin.

The race for Lieutenant Governor appears to be much more up in the air.

Republican incumbent Rebecca Kleefisch leads Democrat Mahlon Mitchell by a 47 to 41 percent margin, but ten percent of those polled say they are still undecided.

"I think its mostly that they haven't paid attention to it and you would expect votes on the Lt. Governor to follow the Governor's race," said Dr. Franklin.


MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) has jumped to a six point lead over Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in the newest political poll from Marquette University Law School.

Among likely voters, Gov. Walker leads Barrett 50-44, up from the 48-47 lead he held in the MU poll released two weeks ago.

In the race for lieutenant governor, incumbent Rebecca Kleefisch (R-Wisconsin) leads Democratic challenger Mahlon Mitchell 47-41, with the vast majority of people polled saying they didn't know much about either candidate.

Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann will have a breakdown of these numbers on 27 News at 5 and 6.


MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- The Marquette University Law School will release its most recent political poll Wednesday afternoon -- its first since Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett won the Democratic primary for governor.

The last MU poll, which was released on May 2, showed Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) with a 48-47 advantage over Barrett in a hypothetical general election.

This new poll will come out less than three weeks before that election takes place on June 5.

Other polls recently conducted by national survey agencies show Gov. Walker with anywhere from a four to nine point lead on Tom Barrett.

Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann will have a breakdown of the new poll numbers coming up on 27 News at 5 and 6.

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