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Melinda's Garden Moment: Edible Ornamental Landscape


MADISON (WKOW) -- A beautiful landscape can feed your body as well as your mind and spirit when you include some edible ornamental plants.

Melinda Myers says to keep a few strawberries within reach of your meals by growing them in hanging baskets or containers. She says or you can find a patch of sunny ground and use them as a groundcover. The flowers, fruit, and fall color provide seasons of beauty.

Hops will quickly cover the trellis and soon provide hops for the home brewer. Keep the pruners handy to keep vigorous growers in check.

Use raspberries to make an impenetrable hedge and provide screening. Regular pruning will keep these spreaders under control, producing lots of fruit, and usually pest free.

Add a bit of edible living art to your landscape with espaliered apples. They provide flowers, fruit, and fall color for you to enjoy.

And look for ornamentals like this serviceberry that provide edible fruit for you and the birds to enjoy.

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