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Candidates for governor continue to talk jobs

Both candidates for governor continued to answer questions about job creation at campaign stops on Sunday, sixteen days before the recall elections.

Republican Governor Scott Walker addressed the issue, after stopping to meet with supporters at one of his campaign offices in the Green Bay area.

"Just this last week, the most accurate numbers out there about jobs-- and economists all agree are the best numbers as an indicator of the economy-- show that Wisconsin gained jobs in 2011," Walker said.

The numbers released by the Walker administration last week after a census of state businesses show the state gained roughly 23,000 jobs last year. But those numbers have yet to be viewed or verified by federal officials, and they will not be before the June 5th gubernatorial recall election.

Monthly jobs numbers from the federal government last year showed Wisconsin lost jobs in 2011, and numbers released last week show the state lost around 6,000 jobs in April after losing jobs in March.

Milwaukee Mayor and Democratic challenger for governor, Tom Barrett, spoke about the jobs debate after attending churches services as part of the annual "Cease Fire Sabbath".

"This state lost more jobs in 2011 than any other state in this country," Barrett said. "And if you look at the job numbers for March and April, we continue to lose jobs and he will not acknowledge that there's an issue there."

In 2010, Walker campaigned on creating 250,000 jobs during his four-year term.

In-person absentee voting for the recall elections begins Monday, May 21.

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