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DWTS: Fans flock to the ballroom on show night


LOS ANGELES (WKOW) -- There are some fans that will stop at nothing to see "Dancing with the Stars" firsthand.
"I've been trying to get tickets for two years," says Kristina Gabor.

27 News anchor Amber Noggle was out in Los Angeles and caught up with some die hard fans of the show.

Cynthia Pabis has been following it for years.

Cynthia says, "We vote on who's gonna get a 10 first, who's gonna be hurt, is someone smiling the wrong way? We vote on everything."

Of course, all the way out on the west coast, we found a lot of supporters for our hometown guy, Donald Driver.

Roy Smolke wore his Packers hat, hoping Donald would sign it.

"I live and die with the Packers," said Roy.

Cindy Martinez was also at the show rooting on Donald.

"Of course I have to go for the athlete, I've gotta go for Donald Driver," said Cindy. " I always love the athletes."

Once they get inside the ballroom, Debbie Clark helps them find their seats.

"This season for some reason, it's just probably because everyone is such a good dancer, it is on fire in here," said Debbie.

Backstage it's a little calmer, as the hosts get ready.

Tom Bergeron uses a special technique to prepare.

He says, "In all honesty, I meditate. I get in a chair and meditate."

But there's not too much meditation going on in the ballroom.
The fans get a little crazy with some dancing of their own and the help of Cory Almeida, also known as "the warm up guy."

"This is like all out chaos," said Cory. "And my job is to kind of be the ring leader and let them know the chaos is gonna happen here, there's gonna be some fire chaos, some CO2 chaos, then we are gonna have confetti. It's gonna be beautiful!"

When it's show time, the fans have a huge role in getting the dancers pumped up.

"You are now here live. You are part of the energy of the crowd. And honestly these guys really help the dancers on the floor," says Cory.

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