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DWTS: Backstage for the transformation of the set


LOS ANGELES (WKOW) -- All the excitement on "Dancing with the Stars" begins in the ballroom.

But the set wasn't always as big as you see now.

It was newly built for the show last season, designed by James Yarnell.

"Last season they said we need to start over and so we took it to a whole new level. We have three levels of balconies, went fully 360 degrees in the studio and just built it the way it was always meant to be built," he says.

It doubled in size and now holds about 800 people in the audience.

The set changes every week, depending on the theme, and there's a huge grand staircase for dancers to make their entrance.

All of it took about nine months to complete.

Yarnell says, "We've received really good feedback. Everyone seems to like it. Feedback online is really incredible. So I'm really proud of it."

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