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Walker & Barrett's final campaign day


FITCHBURG & PORTAGE (WKOW) -- It's been a long day on the campaign trail, as candidates for governor travel the state stumping for last minute votes.

Gov. Scott Walker and his challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett are making use of every minute they've got left-- before polls open Tuesday morning.

Barrett went to five small towns Monday-- covering nearly 650 miles. Walker made six stops, and didn't wrapping up until midnight in Milwaukee.

They're reaching out to voters, who they know could make or break the election. Both candidates pointed out what they see as their opponent's weaknesses.

Barrett, who stopped in Portage to talk to campaign volunteers, brought up the Milwaukee County John Doe investigation.

"He [Walker] is far more interested in being the rock star to the right, and he's totally preoccupied by this criminal investigation that is swirling around his county executive staff," says Barrett.

Walker, visiting a manufacturing company in Fitchburg, brought up Barrett's promises for the future.

"He [Barrett] has no plan for the budget. He admitted last week that he has no plan for economic development in the state. All we can do is look at what he's done in the city of Milwaukee," says Walker.

While recent polls have shown Gov. Walker with a strong lead over Barrett, both Barrett and Walker know it'll be a close race. They say the only poll that counts is the one on election day.

"I think it's dead even right now, it's going to be all about turnout. This race is going to be determined by who comes to vote," says Barrett.

"Anybody who has said that they can predict the outcome really hasn't been following Wisconsin, because if anything the only thing predictable is that we've been unpredictable," says Walker.

When asked to compare this election campaign to 2010, Barrett says this time more people are energized about the election and will turnout in higher numbers to recall Walker. Walker says many people he's talked to say they voted for Barrett the first time, but plan to vote for Walker on Tuesday.

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