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Increased blue-green algae blooms in Madison area

MADISON (WKOW) -- Blue-green algae season has clearly begun and algae blooms may increase in the next week.
The dry, hot and sunny weather forecasted for the next seven to ten days will create favorable conditions for increased blue-green algae blooms in the Madison area.
The Public Health Department for Madison and Dane County recommends keeping yourself, your children and your pets out of the water and avoid all contact.

Exposure to blue-green algae can produce reactions from rashes and lip blistering to liver and nervous system problems.
Dogs swimming in or drinking blue-green algae blooms can suffer near fatal or fatal consequences.
This algae is in lakes, streams and ponds. The bacteria grows when water temperatures, wind and wave patterns combine with high nutrient levels in the water.
The City of Madison has installed special deflectors to keep the blue-green algae out of the swimming areas of Olin and BB Clark Beaches. If tests show beach conditions are not safe, the beach is closed.
Click here for Madison and Dane County beach conditions.
Click here for more information about blue-green algae.
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