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Parenting Project: Stay-at-home dads

MADISON (WKOW) -- The focus will be on dad this Sunday, and he deserves it for all he does for the kids. And recent studies show dads do more these days; cooking, cleaning, parenting; than any generation before them.

Micah is a stay-at-home dad, an example of a growing trend in America. We caught up with him at a park where he spends a typical morning with his son Aaron, who's 18-months-old.

Micah has stayed home with him since Aaron was three months old, and his wife went back to work as an audiologist.

Micah says, "Actually when she started working, just the cost of daycare was going to be more than I was making almost."

That's one of the big reasons moms and dads decide to stay home with the kids: cost. And in Micah's case, it made more sense financially for his wife to work.

Micah says his job now is harder than when he was an optician, and he puts in a lot more hours. But he calls it more rewarding. "That's something I noticed," Micah says. "He bonded with me more than when I was working. I'd rather know what he's learning than give it away to someone else."

Micah says he and his wife have always been open minded, and never put much stock in traditional gender roles. They split the housework and go grocery shopping together.

And now, Micah has a huge impact on Aaron's development and what he learns before he starts school in a couple of years.

Micah says, "He's only allowed to watch educational stuff. We work on our colors and shapes, and he loves books."

There are more resources for stay-at-home dads nowadays too; groups, blogs, and even their own convention.

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