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CFA helps close sofa case


Kelly DiFiore says she noticed pilling and tears starting to form on the cushion seams of her sectional sofa just a few months after it was delivered.

"It's just myself and my daughter. She weighs 95lbs," said DiFiore. "So, it's not like it's a bunch of bouncing, big teenage boys on it."

DiFiore bought the sectional from Thomasville Furniture, in Madison.

"Because they have a really good reputation and great quality," she said.

She says a service manager came out and told her it would likely be replaced.
But then a store manager came out to look at the sofa.

"She said they're not gonna be doing anything about it, 'cause it's not covered under warranty," DiFiore said.

What followed was months of calls to a regional retail manager and the service department.
Finally, about a year after she first noticed the damage, DiFiore made a Call For Action.

"Later that afternoon I got a call from Thomasville," she said. "That they would be contacting me to schedule an appointment to look at my sofa."

It was really fast how the results happened. Maybe two or three months to get it all resolved, and I had been doing it a year-and-a-half with nothing."

DiFiore got her new sofa a few months ago, paying the difference between the new, more-expensive fabric and the old.

She says the new manager she dealt with at the Thomasville Furniture store in Madison was great.

We called that manager for comment, but she told us it was the regional manager who looked at Kelly's old sofa and made the call to replace it.

We have not been able to contact him Thursday.

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