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Rep. Baldwin on Capitol City Sunday


MADISON (WKOW) -- Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin will be our first guest in this weekend's edition of 'Capitol City Sunday.'

Baldwin takes a few minutes to sit down and chat with 27 News' John Beard about her U.S. Senate campaign. She told us she has been traveling the state the past 10 months, listening to voters.

"And what I hear is absolute frustration with the disconnect between the debates in Washington D.C. and their lives," said Rep. Baldwin. "And what they want from their next U.S. Senator is someone who's gonna fight for them. Not the big, powerful interests, but them."

The Congresswoman says she isn't the type to stare at polls, but is aware the latest Marquette University Law School Poll shows her running well against three of the Republican contenders. But the poll, released on Wednesday, shows Baldwin running eight points behind former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson in a hypothetical matchup. We asked her what she thought about the numbers.

"He (Thompson) has nearly universal name recognition. He's been up on television with a nearly $200,000 buy, statewide. His numbers haven't budged a bit," Baldwin said. "I'm just going up on television, introducing myself in parts of the state where I'm not as well known."

In that new ad, released Thursday, Baldwin touts her roll in championing workers. She says she helped institute sanctions on China for breaking trade rules, leveling the playing field for Wisconsin's paper industry.

"I talk to so many people; agricultural workers, manufacturing workers, or in the service industry, just across the economic spectrum in Wisconsin, who are working hard, playing by the rules. And they're not getting ahead anymore," Baldwin said.

And the Congresswoman shares her thoughts on the pending Supreme Court decision on the federal health care law.

This week's 'Capitol City Sunday' also features Todd Berry, the President of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance. He talks about recalls, WISTAX's impact on Wisconsin's reputation, and also on recruiting for the public or private sector.

"If you're trying to recruit a business and you say 'Wisconsin', you want to at least have a conversation, without them saying, 'I don't think so,'" Berry said.

Berry also talks about Wisconsin's recall law and the importance of state legislative races later this year.

You can watch the full interviews 'Capitol City Sunday.' This edition airs on Sunday, June 24 at 9:00 a.m. on WKOW-TV.

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